Cartoonist Ryan Hudson Makes Everyone Laugh Through His 20 Weird Comics

Some people prefer humor that’s more observational and relatable. But most of the people enjoyed comics based on dark humor and weird situations. Because they want to see something unexpected, they do not know what will happen in the next panel. That’s why most artists prefer to make such types of comics. One of them we already discussed on Bored Comics. You can see his articles on our website by visiting here and here.

We are here today to talk about a talented creator who is well-known for his humorous and surprising turns. Ryan Hudson is the stage name of the artist. He is an independent illustrator, animator, and cartoon artist. He lived in Los Angeles, California. His most recent body of work showcases his passion for comic books and is at its best. That explains why he presently has over 280,000 Instagram followers.

Credit: Ryan Hudson

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#1. You are an optimist

#2. New Super Power

#3. Only Month to live


#4. Get Out of bed

Just before 2022, his comics were released under the title Channelate. Nevertheless, he changed his web comic name to reflect his own identity. That’s why he changed the title according to his name. He admitted that it could be difficult at times, but since he chose to write as well as create art, he has gained a lot of information, demonstrating that his efforts have been beneficial. 

#5. Death Bed

#6. Parenting Tip


#7. Quit School

#8. Not a competition

#9. About to swallow the earth


Additionally, he stated in an interview that the inspiration for him to begin creating his own cartoons came from the first video on Joe Cartoon. To express his dark humor, he used no more than three or four panels. He is currently entirely committed to this art. The cartoonist posts his comics on his own website as well.

#10. Poor Girl

#11. Smell Funny

#12. Increase the fun


#13. Adventures of Dracula

#14. New Glasses

We never stop laughing at his special dark-humor-illustrated technique. His talent, hard work, and dedication are the reasons behind his success. Our aim is to bring more such artists to you to make your day better. All you have to do is support us. Because when you share our articles, we get more positive feedback, which makes us feel motivated and work with more effort.

#15. Robot version of son


#16. Up to Jump

#17. Lose all of this weight

#18. Ghosts kept me up all night


#19. Heart Attack

#20. Leg Sleep

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