20 Times Artist Ryan Hudson Creates Dark Humor Comics to Make You Laugh


Today we are back to discuss a talented artist who is famous for his dark humor and unexpected twists. The artist’s good name is Ryan Hudson. He works as a freelance comic strip artist, animator, and illustrator. He lives in California’s Los Angeles. His current collection of work is at its best and reveals his deep love for comics. That explains why he currently has about 280,000 followers on Instagram.

Before the year 2022, Ryan’s comics were published under the title Channelate. However, he changed the title to reflect his own identity. He stated that it could be difficult to come up with funny ideas and draw comics, but since he decided to write and do art, he has gained a lot of expertise, proving that his efforts have been successful. Let’s examine his best comics in the next part.

Credit: Ryan Hudson

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#1. Happiness


#2. Keep a secret

#3. Therapist


#4. Got it

#5. Protect you


#6. Largest Meatball

To express his dark humor, he used no more than three or four panels. He is currently completely committed to this art. The cartoonist posts his comics on his own website as well. He claims that his humor is most appropriate for adult audiences because it gets sharp and occasionally touches on mature issues.

#7. Put me in


#8. Painting

#9. Genie


#10. Video Games

#11. Sweet Computer


#12. Be Cool

#13. phone Number


#14. Wish

The artist says his goal is to make more comics for you on a regular basis. He also wishes to create better comics day by day. Overall, Ryan Hudson comics show a perfect combination of dark humor and unexpected twists in a short format. If you want to enjoy more of his comics, then be sure to visit here and here. They’re sure to provide a good laugh, depending on your taste.

#15. Onions always make me an emotional mess


#16. Sleep

#17. Brand New


#18. Self Talk

#19. First Bird


#20. Thankful

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