20 Roxy Comics about Social Anxiety and Slice of Life Situations 

Roxy Comics is a website showcasing slice-of-life comics about social anxiety, games, roommate stuff, and miscellaneous. It was created by the artist Roxanne Rose. She explores themes that are relevant to many people, such as anxiety, depression, and the feeling of being lost in life. Her comics are often funny, but they also have a dark humor about them. She currently has a huge audience of 128,000 followers on her Facebook page.


It was a British weekly comic book targeted at young women, published between 1958 and 1963. It featured romance stories and ran for 288 issues before merging with another comic book titled Valentine. The artist also uploads comics to her Facebook page every Friday, Wednesday, and Monday. Those who find dark humor humorous may find this appealing. If you enjoy his work and want to lift your mood, take a look at the comic strips in the gallery below.

Credit: Roxy Comics

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#1. Complex emotions


#2. Horror movies


#3. last session

#4. So long


#5. Go down

#6. Whole Apartment


She is often seen as the primary character in the comics, which are illustrated in a friendly, cartoonish style. The account is a wonderful source of inspiration and humor, with an optimistic and positive feel. She says conversations concerning social anxiety yield an ideal combination of humor and knowledge. Every comic offers a glimpse into the mind, encouraging readers to reflect on their own relationships and emotions.

#7. Conversations

#8. Human Interactions


#9. Socially Anxious

#10. Appointment


#11. Weird social rules

#12. Brain


#13. Underrated thing

#14. Let’s try


#15. Perfectionism

She always addresses societal issues by combining amusing comedy with interesting subjects. Because of this, people always find her humor funny and agree with her. The main character of her comics is a woman who highlights social issues that some people deal with on a daily basis. Their silly behaviors and expressive faces will make you fall in love with them right away. Have a great time.

#16. Clear mind


#17. Tree of knowledge

#18. Decorations


#19. Back

#20. Little more time


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