20 Times Cartoonist Kasia Babis Captures Feminist and Political Situations

Kasia Babis is a multi-talented artist who has won many awards. She is a comic book author, cartoonist, illustrator, painter, author of children’s books, YouTuber, and political activist. Katarzyna Monika Babis was born on December 20, 1992, in Lublin, Poland. She is well known for her use of feminist political satire in her comics. She has been publishing web comics in Polish since 2012 and in English since 2016.


Her works are known for their feminist and political themes. She is an artist who is constantly exploring new ideas related to feminism. She uses her YouTube channel as a platform to engage with her audience on various social and political issues, proving that art and activism can go in parallel. The artist has 120,000 followers on her Instagram account. You can check out her best 20 comics in the following section.

Credit: Kasia Babis

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#1. Hanging Out


#2. Government Freeze


#3. Little Mermaid

#4. Fake promise


#5. No feelings

#6. So busy


Around 2012, she began publishing comics in Polish on her blog, Kącik Kiciputka, under the pen name Kiciputek. This suggests she started her web comic journey in her native Poland. By 2016, she had branched out to English-language comics on her blog, Kittypat Daily, with the pen name Kittypat. Now, it is a well-known web comic for its different themes.

#7. circle of life

#8. So true


#9. Scam

#10. Work Hard


#11. Politics

#12. So funny


#13. Self made Man

She approaches social and political topics with a sharp comedy that is both challenging and entertaining, especially when viewed from a feminist viewpoint. Her writing has been included in renowned journals such as The Nib and The New Yorker, thus proving her to be a powerful voice. If you find this artist’s comics interesting, then don’t forget to comment about your favorite one.

#14. it’s all about accuracy in popular media


#15. A few words about solidarity

#16. We truly are a brilliant species


#17. Being a man

#18. How to trick rich people into paying their taxes


#19. Freelance

#20. Therapy


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