20 Times Cartoonist Reynolds Captures Hilarious Jokes in Single-Panel Comics


Welcome to the world of Reynolds, based on single-panel comic strips. Talented artist Dan Reynolds is the creative force behind this webcomic. He is an American cartoonist who has made a unique identity for himself in the comic book industry with his unique and sharp humor. Dan Reynolds didn’t begin with a big plan to create a comic book empire. While taking notes in the empty spaces of his college notebooks during lectures, he discovered his passion.

His writing soon developed into humorous drawings, and he began making comics. At first, Dan only used it as a personal project to show off his unique sense of humor. He had no idea how many people would find comfort in his quirky illustrations. The Strip’s popularity grew steadily, developing a dedicated following and finally being included in more than 200 publications nationwide. His best comics are included in the section below.

Credit: Reynolds

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#1. Nice Strategy


#2. Tunnel of love

#3. bar


#4. Wives vs husbands

#5. Podiatrist


#6. wanted a dog

Dan Reynolds is best known for his award-winning comic strip series called Reynolds Unwrapped. It features a cast of quirky animal characters, including cows, pigs, and chickens, engaged in humorous everyday situations. His work has been widely published in magazines and greeting cards, and he even has his own website and online store.

#7. Athlete


#8. Proof

#9. Facebook


#10. Downloaded

#11. no difference


#12. extinct

#13. bless you


He is an American cartoonist born in 1960. He started drawing cartoons in 1989 and has since become a household name in the world of humor. By working hard, he has made his name in the world of comics. He has his own personal website, where he posts his comics. If you find his comics interesting, don’t forget to hit the share button. You can also check his earlier posts by simply Clicking here.

#14. donut

#15. Sometimes the truth hurts


#16. Bags

#17. texting


#18. audition

#19. War


#20. Surprise

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