20 Jet-Lagged Comics Captures Humor Only in One-Panel to Make Us Laugh


Jet-Lagged Comics is a hilarious single-panel web comic created by a talented artist whose good name is Kelly Kincaid. She is a former flight attendant who turned her experiences into hilarious and relatable comics. Her comics follow the lives of airline crew members, pilots, and passengers as they navigate the joys and challenges of air travel. Her comics are witty and hilarious, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of airlines.

The artist’s comics deal with topics including crew member friendship, humorous passenger interactions, differences in culture, and jet lag. Whether you’ve ever been a regular traveler or worked in the airline industry, you can all identify with the characters in the comics. Her comics are guaranteed to make you laugh, and her sense of humor is excellent. If you want to enjoy her best comics and make your mood better, be sure to check out her best 20 illustrations in the following section.

Credit: Jet Lagged Comics

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#1. Misinterpreted


#2. That’s a start

#3. Back around


#4. back

#5. move it


#6. Boarding

She writes about her experiences as a flight attendant in Jetlagged Comic. The artist loves her comics to be lighthearted, silly, and enjoyable. She believes that this promotes unity among the passengers as well as among the various workgroups, cultures, and airlines. When she founded Jet Lagged in 2012, she recognized the need for this.

#7. weather delay


#8. revenge

#9. Cock pit


#1o. borrow

#11. sign in


#12. late

#13. trip


#14. competition

She wished to contribute from a different perspective because she felt that there were a lot of negative messages out there. Even humorous, negative messages aren’t helpful to anyone. Therefore, she committed to using her God-given talent as an artist and writer to create works that were consistent with her faith, like Jet Lagged Comics. She gained recognition for her comics by working hard. Remember to leave a comment and share this blog if this creative journey inspires and appeals to you.

#15. welcome


#16. cart

#17. emotional support


#18. extra

#19. nice


#20. drink

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