20 Random Ninja Kitty Comics Shows the Feminism Issues Faced by Girls

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There are many artists on social media platforms, but few of them discuss the struggles and feminist issues faced by girls. We are about to talk about a twenty-year-old Instagram user named The Random Ninja Kitty. The brilliant female artist behind this comic series is Dre. She currently has a huge audience of 88,900 followers on her Instagram account. From the struggles of growing up to the everyday hardships of being a woman, the artist has you covered on a wide range of subjects that will really resonate with all the girls.


Credit: Random Ninja Kitty

For more information, you can visit her social media profile by clicking on Instagram. If you are a girl and want to see more such comics, then do not hesitate to visit our website in detail or simply click Here and here. Stay connected with us and keep scrolling through the section below.

#1. Wish to Wear heals

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#2. Wish to Blind Everyone

image 893

#3. Color Differentiation

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This comic is not focused on a cat ninja. But as the name itself indicates, it turns out just as random, which is why Dre randomly added two more words to the comic book’s title. Her cartoons, which mostly include the artist herself, her friends, and her dogs, are full of whimsical scenarios in which completely different characters grab the show in addition to lighthearted humorous situations.

#4. Open Mouth Kissing

image 895

#5. Why are you jealous?

image 896

#6. Never Think

image 897

#7. Life with dog

image 898

The illustrator not only draws portraits of herself but also frequently mixes her friends and pets into her works. Her drawings address a wide range of topics, from style choices to more reflective problems like shyness and overanalyzing things that are not always talked about in public. She also talks about feminist issues and the struggles a girl faced while growing up.

#8. All the overthinking

image 899

#9. Excuse Me

image 900

#10. Shopping

image 901

#11. Call From Mom

image 902

#12. Cute Dog

image 903

Dre addresses a range of topics in his comics that affect women every day of their lives, including relationships, mental health, and body image. She does an amazing job of giving every girl a sense of belonging. This girl dedicates all of her time to creating and illustrating comics, with the themes being the challenges that lots of other women and she face on a daily basis.

#13. So Fool as a child

image 904

#14. Different Moods

image 905

#15. Girls Dress These Days

image 906

#16. Different Perspectives

image 907

#17. Too Bad

image 908

Her audience feels listened to and seen thanks to her funny combination of relatability, comedy, and emotion. Her main objective in making these comics is to bring out laughter and help readers relate to everyday experiences. Keep supporting us by sharing this blog with as many people as possible. We hope everyone who reads this blog has a great day.

#18. Doing Exercise

image 909

#19. Person

image 910

#20. Ready to go out

image 911

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