20 Dre’s Comics Features Everyday Situations and Observations about Life

Dre is a cartoonist and illustrator who goes by the online handle Randomninjakitty. Under the handle @randomninjakitty, she has almost 91,100 followers on the main Instagram platform. A variety of her drawings, illustrations, and other creative works, many with humor and relevant themes, can be found here.

She is a 20-year-old illustrator who goes by the name Dre but calls herself Random NinjaKitty. She does a fantastic job of helping each and every girl feel like they belong. This girl devotes all of her time to writing and drawing comics, and the themes of these are the everyday struggles she faces, as well as those that many other women face. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Randomninjakitty

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#1. Hands

#2. Look Tired

#3. Favorite Thing

#4. Boys are so complicated

#5. Love Summer

#6. Cute

For her followers, she consistently draws comics that are captivating and relatable. Dre’s cartoons tackle a variety of issues that women face on a daily basis, including relationships, mental health, and body image. Her humorous blend of relatability, humor, and emotion gives her audience a sense of being seen and heard. Her primary goal in creating these comics is to make people laugh at and relate to everyday situations.

#7. Boyfriend

#8. Stop Crying

#9. Ready to go

#10. Over Think

#11. Look Terrible

#12. Sketchy

#13. Baby Clothes

Her comics explore everyday scenarios, humorous self-reproach, and reflections about the life of an aspiring artist. Her cartooning technique frequently emphasizes emotions and hilarious situations by humorously portraying facial expressions and body language. Dre’s Comics has some hilarious, relatable comics and artwork that you should certainly check out. By clicking here, you can view a few of her earlier posts on our website.

#14. Video Analysis

#15. Looks Cute

#16. Dream vs Reality

#17. Relatable

#18. Brain

#19. Do you know?

#20. True

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