20 Psycho Suzzane Comics Shows the Hilarious Experiences of a Grandmother

Psycho Suzanne is an Instagram account that is famous for creating comics based on a hilarious and unpredictable grandmother named Suzanne. She is not your normal, kind elderly woman. She’s witty, humorous, and a little insane. She loves breaking the rules and mixing up a little violence, which often results in big laughs. Her comic strips are known for their dark humor and unexpected twists.

Basically, this Instagram account was created by brilliant artist Paul. His comics are inspired by his own grandmother. He is a graphic designer who was born and raised in Paris. There are 14,100 followers who follow him on Instagram. The fact that you never know what Suzanne is going to do next adds to the pleasure. His finest comics are included in the section below.

Credit: Psycho Suzzane

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#1. Money

#2. So well

#3. Lifelong dream


#4. Play your cards

#5. Cake

#6. Mirror


His comic strip’s main source of inspiration, according to the creator, was his grandmother. The primary objective of this artist’s work is to make people laugh through his illustrations in a way that can temporarily lift their moods when they are having a bad day. Although the process might be difficult, the artist estimates that it should take approximately two hours if everything goes according to plan.

#7. Perfect man

#8. Harmful

#9. Cruel World


#10. Love You

#11. Worst Show Ever

#12. Freeze


#13. Company

#14. Problem

He claims that the popularity of this style still surprises him, which is what inspired him to share his sketchbook account, which is more about being creative. Even if some of the events in his comics are ludicrous, the relatable features of the characters contribute to their humor and popularity. To view more of his comics, simply click here and here.

#15. Leaving you


#16. Under Pressure

#17. Can’t sleep

#18. Make a wish


#19. Wizard

#20. Fate

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