By using Grandmother Character, this Artist illustrates Funny and Weird Situations (20 Comics)

When the time is right, we’ll always do our best to bring incredible talent to your doorstep. Apart from that, “Paul” is an artist who makes amazing comics. He is from Paris and graphic designer by profession. This is a new installment with even more funny comics that often end with dark and shocking surprises.

The artist said that his grandmother was the one most inspired to create the comic. Paul called his comic strips “Psycho Suzanne” . Paul’s comics are very popular. He has 10.8k followers on Instagram who really like his work. The basic aim of this artist’s is he want to make people laugh through his comics for a few seconds when they are having a hard day. 

Suzzane is a gril character in Paul’s comics. Suzanne is hilarious and chaotic, and it makes the comic dynamic and interesting. We have gathered some of his best works, so if you have no idea what we are talking about, then be sure to scroll down and take a look. Hope these comics will make your day brighten.

Credit: Psycho Suzanne

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