20 Psycho Suzzane Comics Shows Situations Faced by an Innocent Old Lady


Today we are here to discuss another artist who creates comics about situations faced by an old lady. Let me introduce you to an Instagram account named Psycho Suzzane, a webcomic series created by artist Paul. The comics typically feature Suzanne, who is a seemingly sweet and innocent little old lady, in darkly humorous and often unexpected situations. Readers are kept on the edge of their seats the entire time by her actions and thoughts, which can range from clever and quirky to completely terrifying.

He works as a graphic designer and is originally from Paris. He has 14,100 Instagram followers. There are even more humorous cartoons in this new chapter, many of which have unexpected, frightening endings. His comics combine lightheartedness with dark humor to create a distinct and frequently unexpected reading experience. The fun is increased by the fact that you can never be sure what Suzanne will do next. You can check out his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Psycho Suzzane

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#1. Don’t read it


#2. Memory

#3. Power of Friendship


#4. Can’t sleep

#5. Hard Boss


#6. Chest Pain

According to the artist, his grandma served as the main source of inspiration for this amusing comic strip. The main goal of this artist’s work is to briefly boost people’s moods when they are having a bad day by making them laugh through his illustrations. The artist notes that while the technique may be challenging, if all goes well, it should take about two hours.

#7. Right


#8. Conspiracy Theories

#9. Sleep


#10. So happy

#11. adulthood


#12. Computer Expert

#13. Life is important


His comics are colorful and interesting because of Suzanne’s amusing and unpredictable nature. He claims that the popularity of this style still surprises him, and that’s what gave him the confidence to share my sketching account, which focuses more on creativity. The characters frequently have a relatable quality, which adds to the comics’ humor and appeal despite the ridiculousness of some of the circumstances. You only need to click this link to see more of his comics.

#14. Halloween

#15. Wanna Smoke?


#16. Granny Cares

#17. Differences


#18. Bully

#19. Dude


#20. Bright Colors

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