20 Dark and Socially Awkward Comics by “Portuguese Geese” to Make People Laugh

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Nobody is a better comic artist for socially awkward individuals than Portuguese geese. We’ve previously published Portuguese comics, and it appears that many people enjoy them. So, today we continue to present his most recent comics, which will leave you in stitches by the end. Joe Holtby is the artist’s alias, as he prefers to remain anonymous. He lives in Portugal and has been making cartoons for more than two years. His comics are typically brief and straightforward, but they are effective at making people chuckle.


The artist’s work often features characters that are struggling with their place in the world, grappling with feelings of isolation, anxiety, and disillusionment. The comics often explore the darker side of human nature, touching on themes such as death, depression, and addiction. The characters are all identical, with featureless faces and blank expressions, and the world they inhabit is filled with sterile, lifeless buildings and streets. He has 16,000 Instagram followers.

He is a talented and insightful artist whose work offers a powerful commentary on the human condition. The artist’s ability to capture complex emotions and ideas in a simple, minimalist style is truly remarkable, and their work is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or disconnected in the modern world. If you’re looking for thought-provoking and visually striking comics, Portuguese geese is definitely an artist to watch. If you are dark humor lover, then you must scroll down to the section below in order to enjoy his comics. Have a great day!

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Credit: Portuguese geese comics

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#1. What is mightier than the sword?

image 345

#2. Socialising

image 346

#3. Catchy ringtone

image 347

#4. Elon musk posted my comics on twitter

image 348

#5. Secret dealer

image 349

#6. Math is hard

image 350

#7. Your career is over

image 351

#8. Unwanted

image 352

#9. Stupid amounts

image 353

#10. World sexiest man

image 354

#11. No milkshakes for dad

image 355

#12. The last straw

image 356

#13. Assphemy will not be tolerated

image 357

#14. Headless horseman finally gets hus revenge

image 358

#15. Butts before

image 359

#16. The state of the world

image 360

#17. Online whiner

image 361

#18. Emergency joke

image 362

#19. Son of a bitch

image 363

#20. Secret briefcase

image 364

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