20 Poorly Drawn Lines Comics Based on Friendship and the Meaning of Life

Poorly Drawn Lines is a popular web comic created by cartoonist Reza Farazmand. His interest in comics started during his high school years. This suggests a long-standing passion for the medium. The turning point came in his last year at the University of California, San Diego. This is when he created this web comic. His first platform was the college newspaper, The Guardian. This gave him a platform to share his work and potentially gain an audience.

This comic series began as a side project and a means of developing my comedic writing skills. As the comic became more popular on the internet, he decided to focus on it full-time in 2013. He currently has 2.2 million Instagram followers. Many individuals can relate to the topics he addresses in his comics, which include worry, depression, and a sense of being lost in life. If you enjoy his work and want to lift your mood, take a look at the comic strips in the gallery below.

Credit: Poorly Drawn Lines

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#1. Posting

#2. rent

#3. Make Fun


#4. The thing I hate

#5. Extra dramatic

#6. Learn from snail


He uses simple characters in his comics because he does not have so many perfect drawing skills. His comics are mostly based on positive messages and themes of friendship. Sometimes he gave messages based on the meaning of life to his huge audience. His fans always find his comics amusing and interesting. He never fails to amuse his fans through his fabulous content.

#7. Listen

#8. Selling

#9. Here’s where


#10. Feeling great

#11. Fight

#12. Do everything


#13. City tree

#14. Cute animals

#15. Convince me


Drawings with sticks and simple types are used to specifically illustrate the characters’ poor sketching. The comics are more readable and humorous because of their simplicity. While there are a lot of self-contained strips, there are also ongoing expenses for characters and plots that grow over time. This adds variety and maintains reader interest. You can view more of his comics on our website by clicking Here And Here.

#16. Your hottest take

#17. Up There

#18. Our next guest


#19. Who wore it best?

#20. Ever feel?

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