By Using Bird Character, This Artist Makes Adorable and Funny Comics (20 Comics)

Bird comics is something that many enjoy. Looking at the cute and adorable birds flying over our heads. Speaking their own language and flying high in the sky, birds make us jealous while we are stuck to gravity. You may have heard of “Reza Farazmand” as he is the guy behind one of Facebook’s biggest webcomics called “Poorly Drawn Lines”. Similarly, this artist is also the owner of his another webcomic series which is known as “Trash Bird”.

The artist use different birds characters in his comics to express his ideas. Different silly ideas come into his mind then he perfectly choose the bird characters which have similarity with his ideas. By creating such content, he is able to achieved 112k followers on his instagram account till now.

Trash Bird has such a lot of thrilling traits that make those webcomics stand proud of the crowd. The main focus of the artist to always bring smile on his fans faces. In order to uplift your mood, spent some time on his beautiful illustrations in the following section. We guarantee that your time will worth. Have enjoy!

Credit: Trash bird

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