20 Hilarious Comics by “Poorly Drawn Lines” That will Make you Happy

“Reza Farazmand” is an artist and a writer who creates hilarious comics […]

“Reza Farazmand” is an artist and a writer who creates hilarious comics for his fans.He is the owner of “Poorly Drawn Lines”.He has gained 2.1M followers on his Instagram account by creating such an amusable content.The artist also has his own personal website on which he posted comics on every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

The main theme of this artist’s comics in standalone comic strips that reach from only one edge to many, the greater part of which are mocking or absurdist in tone.The subject of each strip differs, with repeating subjects including space travel, otherworldly events, sci-fi, companionship, and existentialism. Most strips are definitive and ready to be perused with next to no past information on storyline; in any case, the comic likewise contains some continuous story circular segments, alongside repeating characters, for example, Ernesto, a green bear who lives in space.

Poorly Drawn Lines features the voices of Tony Revolori as Ernesto the Green Bear, D’Arcy Garden as Tanya and Ron Funches as Kevin the Blue Bird. Different characters like mouse,snails etc are also used in this artist comics.In order to understand all this story and want to make your mood happy then visit the collection of comics in the gallery below.

Credit: Poorly Drawn Lines

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