20 Poorly Drawn Lines Comics Show Social Anxiety and the Struggles of Everyday Life

Poorly Drawn Lines is a popular webcomic created by Iranian-American cartoonist Reza Farazmand. It mostly consists of stand-alone comic strips, which might include one frame or several and are typically ridiculous or humorous in nature. His Instagram account now has 2.2 million followers as a result of his incredible content creations. In addition, the artist maintains a personal website where he updates comics every Friday, Wednesday, and Monday.


His comics deal with themes that are relevant to many people, such as anxiety, depression, and the feeling of being lost in life. His comics are often funny, but they also have a dark humor to them. This can be appealing to people who enjoy humor that is often dark. Check out the comic strips in the gallery below if you like his work and wish to brighten the mood.

Credit: Poorly Drawn Lines

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#1. A Coin

#2. Ancestry


#3. Purpose

#4. New Thing


#5. How are you?

#6. That’s not hot coffee


Poorly Drawn Lines has been translated into multiple languages and has won several awards, including the Reuben Award for Outstanding Online Comics. The artist always uses different animal characters to convey a positive message through his comics. Different characters, like mice, snails, etc., are used in this artist’s comics.

#7. Nothing Done

#8. Natural Enemies


#9. Guest List

#10. Dark


#11. So many Ideas

#12. Estimates


#13. Too Much

#14. Nothing to loose


Although primarily known for its humor, Poorly Drawn Lines also touches on positive themes like loneliness, self-doubt, and the search for meaning. It is a popular choice for fans of webcomics that are both funny and thought-provoking. If you are also a fan of such comics, then you will surely like these comics. For more such comics on our website, feel free to click here and here.

#15. Thrilled

#16. Coolest


#17. Getting Mad

#18. Try On


#19. Come With Me

#20. The Ghost


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