20 Pizza Cake Comics Shows Her Life As An Artist And Her Daily Struggles

Ellen Woodbury is the creator of the adorable web comic series Pizza Cake Comics. She sometimes includes humorous family stories or the fantastic adventures of her two cats to express the humor of ordinary happenings. When she launched the comic strip in 2021, her goal was to make people laugh and smile during a period when lockdowns had many people locked to their homes.


Although she began this comic book as a hobby in her spare time, it has already gained worldwide popularity. She draws short, four-panel cartoons in a simple yet professional style. The artist usually combines comedy, charm, wit, and fascinating storytelling in her work. As of right now, she has 39,500 Instagram followers. A selection of her best comics can be found in the section that follows. To view these comics, simply scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Pizza Cake Comics

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#1. Draw


#2. Having Kids


#3. Fix some Stuff

#4. Celebrity


#5. Horny Comic

#6. Solve the Puzzle


Ellen is the primary character, who mostly appears anxious, lacking in sleep, and capable of overanalyzing. Milo and Luna are two naughty cats. They are both charming and playful. Mom and Ellen’s partner are known for being honest but rarely make an appearance in comics. They are both frequently the focus of jokes.

#7. Have a bite

#8. Adult stuff


#9. Make Up

#10. Lovely Flight


#11. Holiday Break

#12. Mom


#13. Work Performance

#14. Afraid


Her comics depict everyday situations that many people can identify with, from the struggles of working from home to the joys of spending time with loved ones. If you’re looking for a good laugh and a dose of heartwarming humor, then be sure to check out her other comics on our website. For this, you have to simply click on these links: Here And Here.

#15. Dogs vs Cats

#16. Distracted


#17. Life is bad

#18. Leave me Alone


#19. Art Job

#20. Crazy


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