20 Witty Comics about Relatable Situations by Cartoonist Ellen Woodburry

Witty comics about relatable situations, such as the challenges of dating or the joys of being a pet owner, offer a delightful blend of humor and familiarity that resonates with readers of all ages. These endearing and clever visual narratives serve as a mirror to our everyday lives, capturing the comical mishaps, awkward moments, and heartwarming connections that we encounter. Through these witty comics, artists find common ground in the shared experiences of human connection.

Pizza Cake Comics is a webcomic created by Ellen Woodbury. Ellen started the comic in May 2021 to share some laughs after everyone had been locked in. The comic is known for its humorous, uplifting, and relatable content. It features witty comedy, adorable characters, and relatable situations. The comics are about family life, nonsense, and cats. Pizza Cake Comics has gained a significant following on social media, with 30,200 followers on Instagram. The artist’s main focus is to capture the hearts of her fans.

One of the things that makes Pizza Cake Comics so appealing is Woodbury’s ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. Her comics often deal with topics that people can relate to, such as the challenges of dating or the joys of being a pet owner. She also has a gift for finding humor in everyday situations. Her art style is simple but expressive, and she uses a variety of colors to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Her comics are also well-paced, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. If you’re looking for a funny webcomic, then you should definitely check out her 20 recent comics in the following section.

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Credit: Pizza Cake Comics

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#1. Stranger

#2. Life skills

#3. Little sister

#4. Lesser of two evils

#5. Normal weather now

#6. Let’s be pretty

#7. Oh no, don’t go

#8. Freedom

#9. Mayor of Canada

#10. That’s hilarious

#11. Lemonade

#12. Jeff needs a break

#13. Middle child life

#14. Good news, everyone

#15. No one woman should have this much power

#16. Fraud report

#17. Still love tha cat

#18. Let’s go

#19. Magic school bust

#20. Neighbourhood kids

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