20 Pibu Bear Comics Shows Couple’s Daily Experiences Filled with Sweetness

Pibu Bear is a web comic created by a couple named Maria and Rafael. Maria is known as Pi, while Rafael is known as Bu. Their comics depict their everyday experiences as a couple, filled with sweetness, humor, and relatable situations. The comics are illustrated in a simple and adorable style, with Pi and Bu depicted as bears. They are primarily in Spanish, but they also include English translations for a wider audience.

This comic series was created in late 2018.The couple behind the comics have been together for over nine years. Their comics are not just about the cute and funny moments of being in a relationship. They also depict the challenges, ups, and downs that couples face. Their comics have resonated with many people around the world, and they have a large following of 1.1 million followers on social media. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

Credit: Pibu Bear

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#1. Dressing

#2. Energy

#3. Shower Time


#4. Gym

#5. Cooking

#6. Life With Dog


Pi is a twenty-eight-year-old girl. She has a lot of goals for her life. When she was five years old, she started her creative career. They both do silly things and capture them in their comics, so that everyone can relate to their comics and enjoy the best moments. Their drawings are illustrated in an easily understood and appealing way, often displaying Pi and Bu participating in activities that are relatable to most couples.

#7. Sweet

#8. Together

#9. Pimple


#10. What Happened?

#11. Little Gestures

#12. Wake Up


#13. Boyfriend

#14. Hilarious

The artist Pi wanted to be an illustrator, but he decided to major in graphic design. Their comics, which are full of affection, comedy, and realistic scenarios, portray their couple’s daily experiences. They are nothing more than two pleased, attractive individuals who love other people’s company. They say seeing a relationship on social media is incredible. For more such types of comics, click Here And Here.

#15. Nightmare


#16. So much to do

#17. Don’t Worry

#18. Cute


#19. Looks Cute

#20. Sorry

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