20 Pibu Bear Comics That Will Surely Be Enjoyable and Relatable for Couples


Pi, a 28-year-old woman, has a lot of goals in life. When she was five years old, she set out on her artistic journey. Pibu stands out for not taking himself too seriously. They don’t mind getting silent, stupid, or even uncomfortable. In actuality, that’s what makes them so empathetic. They are just two people in love who are enjoying each other’s company and having a good time. Seeing a couple on social media is wonderful.

We are pleased to present to you “Pibu Bear,” one of the most popular and well-received comics on social media to date. The series has emerged unexpectedly, partly due to the influence of their friends, who convinced Pi to transform her humorous ideas into a hilarious series. You can also read some of their earlier posts on bored-comics by clicking here.

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#1. Whenever I go to pick up the delivery


#2. We enjoy watching them together

#3. Any package has to pass though the inspector


#4. Relatable

#5. Stealing her glass


After more than nine years of dating, Pi (she) and Bu (he) enjoy sharing their life experiences through comic books. Their comics serve as relatable, endearing representations of the humorous and charming circumstances that they experience as a pair. They currently has a huge audience of 1.1 million followers on their Instagram account. They always capture heartwarming and adorable moments that happen in the lives of couples.

#6. Blind

#7. Pockets are everything


#8. Drowning in those eyes

#9. Allergy Season


#10. We Tried

There are highs and lows in any relationship. It may sound cliche, but without ups and downs, there could never be ups and downs. Pibubear comics are all about precious little moments spent with your loved one; we can appreciate the small things in life even more because of all the hardships and trials we face. They capture these moments to ensure that these moments make bonds stronger and that other people are not alone in their struggles.

#11. Some Gossip


#12. GYM

#13. Shopping


#14. Nothing like enjoying a yummy ice cream on the beach with them

#15. The Distance


#16. Sharing is Caring

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#17. Butter Fingers


#18. Spooky season

#19. Halloween Fun


#20. Let it snow

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