20 Pibu Bear Comics Shows Everyday Experiences as a Couple in a Sweet Way

Pibu Bear comics are adorable comics created by a couple, Pi and Bu. Pi, whose original name is Maria, and Bu’s original name is Rafael. They depict their everyday experiences as a couple in a sweet and relatable way. This web comic started in late 2018 when Pi drew a comic about them having fun at the supermarket. Their friends encouraged her to keep creating comics about their daily lives, and so Pibu bear web comic was started.


Pi is a girl who is 28 years old. She has numerous aspirations in life. She began her artistic path when she was five years old. Their comics are drawn in a simple but cute style, and they often feature Pi and Bu doing things that most couples can relate to, such as cuddling on the couch, going on dates, and arguing over who gets the remote. She currently has 1.1 million Instagram followers. You can check out their best comics in the following section.

Credit: Pibu Bear

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#1. Something


#2. Super Cool Opening


#3. in Cheetos land

#4. loves to pop pimples


#5. Go out

#6. Wanted to help


Pi, the artist, studied graphic design but chose to become an illustrator instead. The couple behind the comics have been together since 2013. Their comics depict their everyday experiences as a couple, filled with humor, sweetness, and relatable situations. All they are are two happy, attractive people who are enjoying each other’s company. It’s amazing to see a couple on social media.

#7. Hilarious

#8. Sweet home


#9. Not true

#10. Come with me


#11. Stop it

#12. Hug


Pi and Bu have been dating for over nine years, and they like to use comic books to share their life stories. Their comics are relatable and charming depictions of the pleasant and funny situations they go through together. Many people have found truth in their comics, and some have found it helpful to move on from their relationships. If you want to enjoy more comics, feel free to visit here and here.

#13. The evil fart

#14. So comfy


#15. always take care of you

#16. Eat it


#17. Don’t tell

#18. Breathing


#19. Baby Shark

#20. Here for you


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