Here are Humorous Stories about Pets by Pet Foolery (26 Drawings)

Today, we’d like to introduce you to another talented cartoonist who draws charming comics with animal themes for his readers. Funny animal comics are created by illustrator and comic book artist Ben Hed. The majority of the comics on his Pet Foolery Instagram account are of his two pets, Brutus and Pixie. He frequently draws funny comics with animals, including dragons, dinosaurs, dogs, cats, and even aliens.

He often talks about subjects that are connected, like animal behavior, the benefits and drawbacks of pet ownership, and the unique bond that exists between people and animals. Over 2.6 million people actively follow Ben’s work and like his unique kind of pet humor. The comments space is filled with humor, personal experiences, and praise for Ben’s talent. The best of his pet stories are compiled in the next section. I’m hoping you all have fun with it.

Credit: Pet Foolery

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#1. Proof

It is a popular web comic series featuring a variety of funny and heartwarming stories about pets. It includes the well-known comic Pixie and Brutus about an unlikely friendship between a tiny kitten and a retired military dog. His comics usually follows the daily adventures of various pets and their owners. The creator has a Facebook page where he often shares his comics.

#2. Pet Puzzle

Every comic is a must-read for comics fans and animal lovers alike because of Ben’s exceptional writing and drawing abilities. Pet foolery could be a catch-all term for any comical pet-related content if all you’re looking for is amusing tales or adventures. If you enjoy the site, don’t forget to share and leave a comment. You can click here and here to see his other posts on Bored Comics.

#3. What are you doing?

#4. Can’t Escape

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