Instagram Artist Pet Foolery Creates Animal Comics To Make You Smile (26 Drawings)

We’re here today to introduce you to another talented artist who creates charming, animal-themed comics for his audience. Ben Hed is an illustrator and comic book artist who makes funny animal comics. His Instagram account, Pet Foolery, mostly features his two pets, Pixie and Brutus. This webcomic centers on the strange bond that develops between Brutus, a rough and tumble retired dog, and Pixie, a small kitten. You will laugh and feel warm inside after seeing their humorous and heartwarming adventures.

Over 2.6 million people actively follow Ben’s work and like his unique style of pet humor. There is a lot of humor, personal stories, and appreciation for Ben’s talent in the comments section. A wide range of strange and humorous comics about animals, such as cats, dogs, dragons, dinosaurs, and even aliens, can be found in this series. The humor can often be hilarious and ridiculous, and the artwork is emotional and cartoony. Here are some of his best comics for your enjoyment.

Credit: Pet Foolery

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#1. Christmas Present

Pet Foolery comics remind us that, despite the common perception of pets as helpless animals, they are actually clever little pals who think one step ahead of us. We’re left wondering and laughing at the unexpected turns and twists. The love and joy that pets bring into our lives are at the heart of Pet Foolery comics. They serve as a constant reminder that, despite their annoying ways, we wouldn’t trade them for anything.

#2. Fluffiest Tail

#3. Looks Weird

This page is a hub for all things Pet Foolery, featuring comics, memes, and funny pet stories from around the web. The comics from Pet Foolery are guaranteed to make you smile regardless of your level of experience with pets or just your general love for animals. Enter the world of these furry comedians the next time you need a way to feel and get ready to be amazed. You can read his past posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

#4. Evil Robot

#5. Something Cool

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