20 Relatable and Funny Comics by Past Illustrator Will Make Your Day Bright

@pastillustrator on Instagram is the handle of Mads, a talented comic artist who creates funny and relatable comics that will surely make your day bright. He has over 22,800 followers, and their posts regularly get thousands of likes and comments. The artist is best known for his webcomic, Mads Makes Comics. He also has a website where you can buy their comics and other merchandise. He is active on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mads is a fan of pop culture, and their comics frequently mention movies, TV series, video games, and other geeky themes. This offers a new degree of delight for fans who can recognize the connections and appreciate the inventive mashups. While the major ingredient is humor, Mads also includes uplifting moments. We’ve chosen some of his best illustrations in the section that follows. If you appreciate and are looking for funny comics, you’ve come to the perfect place. Scroll down to the section that follows.

Credit: Past Illustrator

More Info: Instagram | Website

#1. Unconventional Tactics

#2. Chance

#3. Three Stages

#4. Sociopath

#5. Stamina Potion

#6. Keep Selling

He claims that in his spare time, he has all of his ridiculous ideas, which he then turns into drawings and funny cartoons. His color-combination abilities are impressive, as proven by his comics. He makes his audience laugh in this manner. Mads typically draws four-panel comics. His art style is clean and colorful, with expressive characters and dynamic layouts.

#7. Stressful Shift

#8. Trash

#9. That’s Cool

#10. Just three years to go

#11. Friendly Neighbor

#12. Simple Joy in Life

Overall, @pastillustrator is a delightful Instagram account that offers a fun and relatable take on random and strange situations. If you’re looking for a good laugh and a warm feeling, be sure to give them a follow. Don’t forget to comment on and share this blog. You can also enjoy his earlier posts on Boredcomics by clicking here.

#13. Law Enforcement

#14. Something Approaching

#15. Lovely Cravings

#16. Spotted

#17. Bath Tub

#18. Not Again

#19. Multi Level Marketer

#20. Dead

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