By “Past illustrator”, Here are the 20 Quirky and Horror Comics Full of Twists

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Although dark humor is not for everyone, many individuals adore it. We present to you today a darkly humorous comic with a surprising ending, which will alter your mood. Meet “Mads,” a cartoonist who creates a ton of humorous comics. The comic’s creator fully utilizes dark humor. He publishes online comics and makes other bad decisions in his life. You should appreciate the comic, we hope.


The “Past Illustrator” comics series by Mads is more well-known. His comics may appear unfamiliar because, as the name implies, he primarily creates comics on historical themes. For his followers, his content is consistently quirky but amusing. He continues to create ridiculously cute content for his fans, who currently number 20,300 on his Instagram account.

He asserts that during his free time, he has all of his foolish ideas, which he then turns into drawings and quirky comics. His color-combination skills are very good, as you can see later in his comics. In the section that follows, we’ve gathered some of his best illustrations. You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy dark humor and are looking for dark comics. Scroll down to the section below. Have a great day!

Credit: Past illustrator

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