20 Past Illustrator Comics Based on Quirky Situations and Dark Twists

We’re here to talk about a talented comic book creator who makes quirky and humorous comics that will brighten your day. On Instagram, he uses the username Past Illustrator. The web comic Mads Makes Comics is the artist’s most well-known work. You may purchase his comics and other goods on his website as well. He uses Facebook and Twitter, among other social media sites, regularly. He is the artist who consistently receives hundreds of likes and comments on his posts.

Mads Frantzen says dark humor may not be for everyone, but a lot of people love it. He creates a ton of hilarious comics. The creator of the comic makes full use of dark humor. He currently has an audience of 22,600 followers on his Instagram account. In addition to publishing comics online, he makes other wrong decisions in his life. We’re sharing with you today a slightly harrowing comic that will lift your mood. We think you will enjoy his comics.

Credit: Past Illustrator

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#1. Over World

#2. Check And Mate

#3. Sending a Pic


#4. Social worker

#5. Snake Oil

#6. So Graceful


He says that he comes up with all of his absurd ideas in his free time, which he then turns into cartoons and drawings. His comics show his amazing color-combination skills. In this way, he makes his audience giggle. Usually, Mads creates comics with four panels. His illustrations include bright layouts, emotional characters, and a clear, bright style.

#7. Take the shot

#8. The Vern is real

#9. Make up your mind


#10. Privacy

#11. Swamp thing

#12. Hilarious


#13. Angry

#14. Positive mindset

#15. Lovely


He is a fan of the world of popular culture, and his comics frequently discuss movies, TV series, video games, and other curious themes. Fans who can see the links and enjoy the creative costumes will find a new level of enjoyment in this. Mads has happy moments mixed in with humor, which is the main component. All you have to do is click here and here if you want to enjoy and find more comics.

#16. Lord of Bark

#17. Bad Dog

#18. Exchange Student


#19. Smoking

#20. Replacing

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