20 Times Cartoonist Joseph Nowak Sums Up Hilarious Jokes in One-Panel

If you are a fan of single-panel humor, then you have come to the right place. Nowak Draws is a haven for fans of single-panel comic strips filled with absurdity and laugh-out-loud humor. It was created by a well-known artist, Joseph Nowak. He shows everyday situations twisted into hilarious scenarios. The main character, usually depicted in a simple style, reacts to these situations with expressions and unexpected twists.


Nowak has an important online presence because of his website and his active Instagram account, where he shares his most current creations. With 14,900 Instagram followers as of right now, he has a large following. His simple, one-panel comics about everyday life are both humorous and informative. His top 20 comics are compiled in the following section. If you want to explore, scroll down to the area below.

Credit: Nowak Draws

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#1. Real Beauty


#2. QR code


#3. Fight for change

#4. So true


#5. Cat Calling

#6. Coat of arms


Multi-talented cartoonist and illustrator Joseph Nowak mixes each drawing with humor, understanding, and creativity. He completed his qualification in graphic design. That’s why you can see that his comics are well designed and look attractive. He consistently portrays humor on a single panel and never fails to make his fans laugh.

#7. Sound Surprised

#8. Hair cut


#9. Coming

#10. Nervous tick


#11. Perhaps

#12. Spitting Image


His style rapidly developed into a single-panel comic, allowing him to fit a lot of humor and information into just a little space. His comics are now recognized worldwide. Nowak Draws is a must-watch for anyone looking for humor and a healthy dose of craziness. Click here and here to view some of his earlier posts on our website.

#13. New look

#14. Framed


#15. Elasticity

#16. Business School


#17. Erasing

#18. Security prison


#19. Message

#20. Something Comfortable


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