The Artistry of Nate Fakes in Finding Laughter in Life’s Simple Moments (20 Comics)


In a world where a good laugh can be the perfect remedy, Nate Fakes stands tall as a beacon of humor. His work is like a breath of fresh air, reminding us that amidst life’s complexities, the simplest moments often hold the best comedy. From everyday quirks to relatable scenarios, Nate Fakes has made a mark in the comic scene, proving that humor is everywhere if you know where to look.

Based in Los Angeles, Nate Fakes wears many hats—a cartoonist, an author, and a creative mind—whose syndicated single-panel gag cartoon series, “Break of Day,” brightens up countless days. Published daily by King Features Syndicate, this series is a testament to Fakes’ knack for capturing life’s humor in a single frame. His books, from “Chew This Book: A Collection of Dog Cartoons” to “Laser Pointers, Hairballs, and Other Cat Stuff: A Small Collection of Cat Cartoons by Nate Fakes,” showcase his ability to find humor in our beloved furry friends’ antics. Not to forget his graphic memoir, “A Fade of Light,” where he takes us on an artistic journey through his own life.

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Credit: Nate Fakes

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#1. Animal Shelter


#2. Fruit Cake

#3. Way to stick it to them


#4. Training to take the whole thing down

#5. Just bear with him


Fakes’ journey into the world of art began with a love for doodling and a keen eye for the quirky side of human behavior. His early sketches hinted at the talent that would eventually propel him into the spotlight. It was his dedication to his craft and a natural inclination towards humor that laid the foundation for a career that now engages audiences worldwide.

#6. It’s stylish this time of year

#7. Just a Movie


#8. Empty Box

#9. It’s a deep game


#10. It’s a ruff habit to break

With a unique blend of wit and illustration, Nate Fakes has become a master of his craft. His comics resonate with 93,200 readers globally, a testament to his ability to bridge the gap between art and our everyday lives. His comics invite us to chuckle at the mundane, encouraging us to see the humor in our routines, making the ordinary extraordinary.

#11. That’s cold


#12. Stuffy Nose

#13. Ugly


#14. Way to switch up the conversation

#15. Must be a coffee date


#16. Changing Rooms

Through his work, Fakes reminds us that laughter isn’t confined to grand moments or elaborate setups. It’s nestled in the simplicity of our daily experiences—the way our pets behave, the quirks of human nature, and the small, often unnoticed events that make life colorful. Nate Fakes’ creations serve as a welcome break, urging us to pause, chuckle, and appreciate the comedy tucked away in life’s simplest moments. His journey from a young artist with a dream to a seasoned professional is a testament to the power of humor, creativity, and the sheer joy of finding laughter in the ordinary.

#17. This might affect his score


#18. Nailed It

#19. They’re hungry to win


#20. Time to shuffle

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