Artist Nate Fakes Is Back With His 20 New Hilarious Single-Panel Comics

Nate Fakes is the greatest artist working in single-panel comics. He is an illustrator and cartoonist from Los Angeles, California. He is a multi-talented artist with experience in numerous areas of the illustration and comic book industries. His syndicated cartoons, particularly The Daily Comic Strip Break of Day, have made him well-known. His illustrations have appeared in many works of art and media, such as children’s books and advertising campaigns.

Nate Fakes claims that formal education provides a strong foundation for creative techniques and ideas. He explores a wide variety of topics, including animals, non-living things, and humans. Often, his comic strip consists of just one panel. It uses imaginative writing and images to convey its main point. Through time, he developed his talents and pursued his childhood attraction for comic strips. 

Credit: Nate Fakes

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If you are looking for a joke to make your day or a lighthearted escape from serious subjects, his comics are ideal. They are totally awesome, pleasant, and safe. Furthermore, this is not the first time Bored Comics has featured him. He published a popular brief almost precisely a year ago, which you can read HereHere, And Here.

#1. Wait a Minute

#2. Hang Out

#3. Dibs On Bed


#4. it’s a blast hanging out

#5. He Turned Bad

#6. a deep message


He worked as a freelance artist at first. He worked significantly for advertising and business organizations. But it was not until he discovered Instagram offered a platform for artists to showcase their work to a global audience that his career truly took off. His quirky and hilarious drawings were shared on Instagram, and soon he had over 93,300 followers.

#7. You have been warned

#8. You can bank on that

#9. The family is bubbling out


#10. Bet Time

#11. Time to level up meals

He used his personal experience to motivate others and raise awareness of mental health issues as a member of multiple such organizations. The artist provides observations, creative content, and reflections on his work on his personal Instagram account. He primarily reads the comments written on his posts, and he gets encouraging words from readers.

#12. The Garbage Disposal


#13. A Slice Of Life

#14. Dangerous Neighborhood

#15. Just do not get whacked


#16. It’s crushing for parents

#17. Key To discovery

You can learn more about his work on his website, Nate Fakes Studios. His career path and accomplishments are described thoroughly in the bio section of his website. Publications like Red Bull Advertising, MAD Magazine, and The New York Times have all highlighted him. His career as a cartoonist is covered in more detail in articles on Bored Comics.

#18. Hot Couple


#19. Non-smoking train

#20. It’s His Call

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