20 Times A Famous Cartoonist Nate Fakes Makes Hilarious Comics To Amuse You

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Nate Fakes is a successful cartoonist and graphic novelist based in the Los Angeles area. At first, he was a freelance artist. He finished a lot of work for clients in the advertising and publishing sectors. However, his career didn’t really take off until he realized Instagram had possibilities. He started sharing his weird and humorous drawings on Instagram, and he soon gathered over 94,000 followers.


He is passionate about sharing his knowledge. Nate Fakes doesn’t just create cartoons. He teaches other artists, too. His platform, cartooning courses, empowers aspiring artists by providing instruction on how to draw attractive comics. His best-known creation is the daily syndicated comic strip Break of Day. It can be found online and in newspapers all around the world. In the next section, let’s enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Nate Fakes

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#1. Get a camera

image 62

#2. Of course not

image 63

#3. Seems fitting

image 64

#4. How many Legs?

image 65

#5. Milk it for all its worth

image 66

#6. Things aren’t always as perfect as they seem

image 67

He looks into a variety of subjects, including everything from humans to non-living things and animals. Usually presented in a single-panel format, his comic strip relies largely on clever writing and illustrations to convey its point of view. Now, his talents extend far beyond the traditional newspaper format. He has successfully transitioned into the world of advertising, creating memorable campaigns for brands like Red Bull.

#7. Life of a condiment

image 68

#8. Sparks will fly

image 69

#9. Not even close

image 70

#10. There’s no reason to be

image 77

#11. Teen age

image 76

#12. Donut dentist

image 75

#13. Their relationship is deep

image 74

Furthermore, he campaigns for mental health awareness and shares his personal story to inspire others. You may find more of his work on his social media accounts, website, and other online platforms. He has a personal Instagram page where he posts thoughts, original content, and behind-the-scenes photos of his work. You can also see additional of his comics HereHere, And Here on our website.

#14. They are annoying

image 73

#15. They’ll have a ball together

image 78

#16. Oops

image 79

#17. That’s cold

image 80

#18. Let’s hope it measures up

image 81

#19. Probably a lot if sketchy stuff

image 82

#20. Just a little bit

image 83

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