20 Murrz Studio Comics Shows Her Everyday Life with Her Boyfriend

Murrz Studio is an Instagram account that was created by Mary Park. She is a talented California-based comic artist. She is the artist who depicts her everyday life with her boyfriend and their cat in a quirky and colorful style. Her comics are relatable and focus on the funny aspects of daily life and relationships. When she started her Instagram account in 2015, her adorable and humorous drawings quickly became well-known.

The subjects of Murrz Studio’s comics revolve around Mary’s everyday life and feature relatable moments like awkward meetings, humorous interactions with her cat, and observations on typical happenings. In her artwork, she typically shows herself with her lover. Her work has captured the hearts of 748,000 fans because of her unique style and humorous perspective on relationships. In the following part, let’s enjoy her best comics.

Credit: Murrz Studio

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#1. Romance Author

#2. His final fantasy

#3. That snort was personal


#4. Anytime a girl is tiny around me I assume the role of her bodyguard

#5. GYM

#6. True


She is the artist who uses her artwork to discuss the ups and downs of relationships. She addresses common relationship issues such as confusion, conflict, and disagreement. However, she takes a lighthearted approach to everything, which makes her work interesting and modern. Her illustrations also pay attention to the little, daily occurrences in relationships.

#7. Yoga time

#8. No one likes me


#9. Sibling Loyalty

#10. Dieting

#11. Excuse me


#12. Come Here

#13. Independent woman

#14. Random Thought


Murrz’s drawings usually include her dramatic facial expressions, whimsical scenarios, and smart observations. From four-panel jokes to bigger tales, Murrz Studio features a wide range of comic categories to keep readers entertained. We see ourselves and our relationships reflected in the panels, supporting a feeling of connection and shared amusement. If you want to enjoy more of her comics, then click here and here.

#15. Period

#16. Eating Cycle

#17. Pimple


#18. Make up

#19. Hilarious

#20. not ready


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