20 Murrz Studio Comics Perfectly Portrays Couple’s Everyday Life

Murrz Studio Comics is a brilliant artist who has become well-known on Instagram for her sweet drawings of her partner and herself. Murrz, whose true name is Mary Park, is a self-taught Californian artist. Her adorable and humorous drawings quickly gained popularity once she started her Instagram account in 2015. 758,000 followers have fallen in love with her work because of her distinct style and lighthearted perspective on relationships.

The themes of Murrz Studio’s webcomics center on Mary’s regular life and include relatable experiences such as embarrassing encounters, funny exchanges with her cat, and observations on everyday occasions. She usually depicts herself with her lover, just called B, in her artwork. Murrz’s work is relatable to many people because her comics are frequently based on real-life events that she and her boyfriend have gone through.

Credit: Murrz Studio

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#1. What’s wrong?

#2. Friends

#3. Shower Time

#4. Car Arm

#5. Free Shipping


Murrz talks about the highs and lows of relationships in his artwork. She looks at typical relationship problems like misunderstandings, disputes, and disagreements. But she approaches everything lightheartedly, which makes her work enjoyable and relevant. Her drawings also highlight the small, everyday moments in relationships.

#7. Monday

#8. Hungry

#9. When online dating begins to get depressing

#10. Deep thoughts

#11. Eye Liner

#12. My inner wants can go screw itself

#13. Terrible Dancer

Murrz is very active on Instagram (@murrzstudio), where they post updates about their creative process, new comics, and sneak peeks. Murrz is known for her clever insights, dramatic facial expressions, and whimsical scenarios, all of which are prominent in her cartoons. Murrz Studio provides a wide variety of comic forms to keep readers interested, ranging from four-panel jokes to longer storylines. To view more comics, check out this link.

#14. Dealing with trolls

#15. Meme Lover

#16. Relatable

#17. Stare

#18. Still Pretty

#19. When you accidentally kick your pet

#20. Relatable

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