20 Times an Artist Mesut Kaya Draws Embarrassing Situations in Funny Comics

Laughter keeps you positive and upbeat in a time of difficulties, disappointments, and losses. We’re here to make you laugh aloud by introducing you to an artist who uses her comics to try and change people’s negative or depressing thoughts into happy or good ones. “Mesut Kaya” is the name of the artist. He began drawing comics in 2020. Since he was a young child, he has enjoyed comics. He resides in Belgium’s Leuven. He has 19,300 real followers on Instagram.

Mesut Kaya’s comics frequently depict ordinary life, ranging from the simple to the weird. He has a talent for catching the humor in embarassing situations, and his comics frequently make readers laugh out loud. Mesut Kaya’s art is especially notable for its bright colors and straightforward, expressive style. His characters are easily identifiable, and his use of color contributes to the overall feeling of warmth and fun. In the next section, we’ve compiled a new collection of his best comics. I hope these comics brighten your day.

Credit: I Am Mesut Kaya

More Info: Instagram | Twitter | Website

#1. Ready

#2. Life Points

#3. That was fun

#4. Call Mom

#5. Portable

#6. Pizza Match

He has a devoted following because of his ability to find humor in the most awkward situations. His comics, which frequently feature his characteristic stick figures, depict the cringe-worthy moments we’ve all had. The purpose of capturing these instances is to let people laugh at their own embarrassing situations. So instead of feeling down, they laugh.

#7. Neighborhood Watch

#8. Artistic Vision

#9. Magic

#10. Friendly Neighborhood

#11. Donkey Christmas

#12. Console Wars

#13. High Carb Lifestyle

#14. Breaking News

Kaya’s ability to create lighthearted jokes about himself and other people is what makes his comics so hilarious. Being a master of observation, his comics frequently seem to be taken directly from our own experiences. The comics’ central theme is hilarious and full of twists. The creator admits he’s not a fan of long web comics. That’s why he mostly draws comics with four panels. You can also enjoy some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

#15. Future

#16. Tell Her

#17. The Jackpot

#18. Attacked

#19. Magic

#20. First Day

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