Here are Mesut Kaya’s 20 Embarrassing Comic Ctrips That will Make Your Day




Today we are here to bring you another good collection of comics. However, the term “embarrassing comics” could refer to any comic that contains content that is considered shameful or cringe-worthy, such as jokes that rely on racist or sexist stereotypes or poorly written or drawn comics that are widely ridiculed by readers. It’s important to note that what one person finds embarrassing may not be the same for others, as individual tastes and sensibilities vary.

The talented artist Mesut Kaya has a sizable Instagram following due to his distinctive style. He has rapidly become one of the most well-liked artists on the site, with more than 11,000 followers. His work is mainly digital art with a strong focus on portraits. Women figure prominently in many of his subjects, and he depicts them in a range of settings and artistic scenarios. His art has a mellow, dreamlike quality and makes use of color and texture. His portraits are strikingly beautiful, and he places a lot of stress on capturing the personalities of his subjects.

One of the things that sets Kaya apart from other artists on Instagram is his willingness to experiment with different styles and techniques. He is constantly pushing himself to try new things, and his work reflects this adventurous spirit. Some of his pieces are more abstract, with a focus on patterns and textures, while others are more traditional portraits. Regardless of the style, however, Kaya’s work is always captivating and beautiful. If you want to enjoy our new collection of comics, then you must scroll down to the section below.

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Credit: I am Mesut Kaya

For more info: Instagram | Website

#1. Keep on dancing

#2. What a monster!

#3. I am a hacker now

#4. Short kings rise up!

#5. Can we go home?

#6. Your career ends here

#7. Black mirror

#8. Customer service

#9. Short kings

#10. Wet vs electric

#11. Her chocolate

#12. Shake it

#13. Number one

#14. Floored

#15. Targeted ads

#16. Turkish Ice cream

#17. I’m famous

#18. Line Etiquette

#19. New year, old me

#20. Food and housing

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