20 Merc Works Comics Based on Slice of Life Situations to Make You Laugh

Slice-of-life comics typically focus on the everyday experiences of the characters. If you enjoy character-driven stories with a touch of humor, we are here to bring you another collection of Merc Works Comics. This web comic series was created by a brilliant artist whose name is David J. Catman. He is the artist who describes himself as an artist who finds inspiration in whispering magic in his paintings.


He’s a comic book illustrator from Los Angeles, well known for his humorous and sometimes strange artwork. The artist mostly uses humorous techniques to depict everyday events in his comics. He follows the lives of the employees at Merc Works. He regularly posts and currently has over 127,000 followers. The following section is a collection of his most recent 20 comics. Scroll down to the gallery below if these comics are making you feel less worried.

Credit: Merc Works

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#1. Buying That


#2. Shark Tooth Necklace


#3. Microwave

#4. Money Tapper


#5. Surprise

#6. Pineapple on Pizza


He primarily uses humor to look into issues that are meaningful. This is probably the formula that Merc Works Comics uses, setting humorous situations and strange characters against the background of an office environment. His comic explores topics such as office friendships, humorously dealing with office politics, and the general stupidity of work-related life.

#7. Move to the Desert

#8. Feeling Sleepy


#9. Fashion

#10. Big Enough


#11. Standing Desk

#12. Can be Stressful


#13. Fate

#14. Empathy Fairy


Dave has all the experience needed to draw comics. He has spent the last ten years working in this field. The most beautiful feature of his comics is their relatability, which is precisely what a comic book creator aims for. Go ahead and follow him if you haven’t already. You only need to click here to view more of his comics on our website.

#15. Ghost Dad

#16. What’s Wrong?


#17. Voting

#18. Believe


#19. Pet me

#20. Old Pants


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