Here are 20 Funny and Often Surreal Comics by Merc Works

Your mental health may suffer if you work continuously. You need to take a break to regain your energy and get back into the groove, no matter how busy you are. You need some kind of entertainment in order to deal with all of these potential scenarios. There’s no shortage of methods to keep yourself entertained or motivated. One of the simplest methods to accomplish this is to just browse social media or the internet for some amusing content to make you chuckle.

For entertainment, there is no better option than comics. That’s why we have another good collection of funny comics for you. Meet David J. Catman, a Los Angeles-based comic artist known for his funny and often surreal comics. He currently has over 130,000 followers and posts regularly. He is known for his Instagram account name @mercworks. We have gathered his recent 20 comics in the next section. If you are feeling stressed and want to enjoy these comics, then scroll down to the gallery below. If you want to enjoy more, then click here.

Credit: Mercworks

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#1. Pastor of the year

#2. Relaxing

#3. Stupid Laptop


#4. Beliefs Should Never Change

#5. Skeleton Man

#6. Law and Order


Bold lines and prominent features in his simple yet effective painting style effectively express the quirky quality of his humor. Punchlines in MercWorks are frequently presented in a casual, matter-of-fact manner, and the humor is frequently dark and dry. The scenarios are made funnier and more ridiculous by the sarcastic delivery. This is how he makes comics and amuses his true fans.

#7. Knock Knock

#8. Love


#9. Objection

#10. Super Death

#11. Death


#12. Reminder of Death

#13. Hilarious

For those who enjoy strange and humorous content, MercWorks is definitely the account to follow. Logic and convention are frequently defied in Catman’s comics, which take viewers on surprising trips through bizarre and absurd scenarios. The most admirable aspect of his comics is their relatability, which is precisely what a webcomic creator aspires to. Go ahead and follow him if you haven’t already.

#14. High Expectations


#15. What the hell?

#16. Pretty Chaotic

#17. Gift Basket


#18. Eye Contact

#19. Check Point

#20. Poor Taste


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