20 Dogmo Dog Comics Full of Dark Humor and Unexpected Twists

Dark humor comics entertain us in ways that regular humor does not by delving into our deepest fears and worries. They make us laugh at things we shouldn’t be laughing at, which may be really healing. Dark comedy is frequently shocking. We don’t expect to laugh at something so dark or disgusting, so when we do, it surprises us. This element of surprise can contribute significantly to the humor.

Dark humor is defined as humorously approaching or examining serious or depressing subjects. We’re here today to talk about a dark humor artist with unexpected twists. “Dogmo” is the name of the artist, and “Dogmodog” is his Instagram account. The creator of dark comics, which his fans always find amusing, has amassed 44,100 followers on Instagram. His top 20 dark comics can be read in the section below.

Credit: Dogmodog

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#1. Frosty the Snowman

#2. Art Competition

#3. Virgin Roleplay

#4. Make a Wish

#5. Hot Car

#6. War Era

“My art style is based on simple characters that are easy to draw and not off-putting,” the artist states. The intention behind the colors was to aid readers in identifying and recognizing my work, although I’m not sure if that was successful. True followers always find joy in his comics because he consistently captures a dark sense of humor. The majority of this artist’s comics will probably make you laugh, even though many of them have surprising and twisted endings.

#7. Dancing with the stars

#8. When you wish upon a star

#9. Dangerous Breed

#10. Points of View

#11. Think before you skip

#12. New Banner

#13. Am I a monster?

#14. Alpha Male

There’s no denying Dogmodog’s talent for creating memorable characters and situations that will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading, even though the humor in his comics may not be for everyone. The comics frequently address deeper themes. The humor is occasionally dark, but it’s always funny. You can also enjoy his previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here And here.

#15. Only the finest wine will do

#16. Warning Label

#17. Nuts

#18. First God

#19. Good Boy

#20. Fun with bruises

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