Marko Raassina Comic Strips Based on a Fantasy Theme Can Amuse You (32 Drawings)

Marko Raassina is an artist or cartoonist from Finland who characterizes himself as Nerd and Jock. They’re both best pals. Best friends are not restricted by common sense and might be extremely diverse, even from one another. But that’s what makes friendships so fascinating. Different awkward and silent situations that happen between friends strengthen their closeness.

This lighthearted and wholesome webcomic follows the unlikely friendship between a nerdy girl named Maya and a jock named Ryan. It’s known for its adorable artwork, relatable humor, and heartwarming themes of acceptance and friendship. By creating comics on such topics, the artist currently has 539,000 followers on his Instagram account. Let’s explore some of his best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Marko Raassina

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#1. Happy Holidays

This action-comedy webcomic follows the journey of a human gamer who is transported to a fantasy world. It’s filled with humor, adventure, and surprising romance. omics will undoubtedly remind you of your best buddy or bring back pleasant memories you shared with them. And, on occasion, these comics might make valid observations about what defines a good friendship.

#2. Best Sweater

#3. Trust Me

Marko is not afraid to experiment with various genres and media. His webtoons span from slice-of-life stories to action-adventure epics, and he is constantly coming up with fresh and interesting concepts. His characters are adorable and sympathetic, with strong emotions and expressive reactions. His style is clean and colorful, which makes his comics visually appealing. If you want to enjoy his earlier posts on our website, then click here.Tru

#4. Are you sure about this?

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