20 One-Panel Jokes by Maria Scrivan Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We believe that sharing a smile or a laugh can brighten someone else’s day and create a more positive atmosphere. When smiles and laughter are spread around, it makes the world a more enjoyable place for everyone. We observe that many readers love to enjoy one-panel humor on Bored Comics. With this belief, we bring a good collection of comics to people on a daily basis.

Maria Scrivan is an outstanding artist that we would like you to meet. Maria is a syndicated cartoonist and author of books that have been bestselling in the New York Times. To top it all off, for the previous two years, Scrivan has published an excellent novel series. But we want to concentrate on Maria’s comics today. She is a gifted artist who gained recognition in the comic book industry for her Half-Full series.

Credit: Maria Scrivan

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She is an accomplished author, illustrator, and cartoonist from Stamford, England. Her incredible skill in drawing one-panel comics has contributed to the artist’s increased fame. But among Instagram creators, she’s highly recognized for her comics. She has 8,035 Instagram followers as of right now. It seems as though she ridicules your personal experiences with her sweet humor and well-known characters.

#1. Air Conditioning

#2. Mosquito Magnet

#3. Come Back Here


#4. Marketing Strategy

#5. Selfie Time

#6. Tennis ball


The creative cartoonist creates comics that explore humor in a variety of subjects, including popular culture, technology, animals, and social media. Currently, Maria is working on a hilarious comic titled Half Full, which is syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication and can be found online and in newspapers around the country on a daily basis, including the Los Angeles Times.

#7. Most Challenging

#8. How’s the book?

#9. Need More Coffee


#10. Shark Week

#11. To Be read

She has always enjoyed writing and sketching, having started as a young child. Her ideas are inspired by her insatiable curiosity, her observations when out and about, and her thoughts about what her dog would say to her if he could speak. The cartoonist and book author also licenses her artwork to numerous greeting card companies, including RSVP, Design Design, American Greetings, and Recycled Paper Greetings, for hundreds of cards.

#12. Receipts


#13. Author signing

#14. That’s Hilarious

#15. Don’t eat from the jar


#16. Climate Change

Because of this, she was the recipient of the National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Award for Greeting Cards. Her writing has appeared in a number of publications. Her jokes’ precise wording and surprising turns will have you laughing out loud and wanting more. To view more of her comics, just click these two links: Here And Here.

#17. Plumber Ant

#18. No Idea


#19. Lights the entire room

#20. Litter Box

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