Here are 20 Ridiculous One Panel Comics by Cartoonist Maria Scrivan

Comics with a single panel often catch our interest with their humorous, bite-sized moments of humor. Their exceptional capacity to compress humor into a single frame, frequently outweighing their ostensibly straightforward style, is what gives them their power. These comics take great pleasure in the bizarre, putting readers in absurdly funny situations that defy logic. These comics skip any needless explanation in favor of a swift and effective punchline.

Maria Scrivan is an experienced cartoonist, illustrator, and author from Stamford, England. Her exceptional skill at drawing single-panel comics has helped her establish a reputation. She has won readers over with her witty and realistic illustrations, showcasing her unique talent. Her ability to create distinctive and powerful single-panel comics has been acknowledged with notable prizes. Her writing has attracted notice due to its genuinely relatable connection with 7,066 readers. The next section features her last 20 illustrations. I’m hoping these comics will be enjoyed by everyone.

Credit: Maria Scrivan

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#1. New Year Resolution

#2. For Sale

#3. Perfect

#4. Error

#5. Fruit Cake

#6. Christmas

Maria Scrivan’s journey as a cartoonist started with a keen sense of humor and a passion for sketching. She has refined her skills over time and created a unique style that appeals to readers of all ages. Scrivan’s ability to use straightforward images to communicate difficult ideas is one of the things that makes her comics so powerful. To make her readers laugh and reflect, she regularly uses sarcasm and symbolism.

#7. Chat GPT

#8. Forgot

#9. Santa

#10. Moms Planning

#11. Dogs

#12. Letters

#13. Thanks

She always captures humor only in one panel because she says that only one panel is enough to make people laugh. She also adds an element of surprise to her comics. So next time you encounter a one-panel comic that leaves you snorting with laughter, feel free to explore her best comics on our website. You can also read some of her previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

#14. What a week

#15. Yoga

#16. Glasses

#17. Shark Week

#18. Jar is lying

#19. Fire

#20. Travel Style

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