20 Lunar Baboon Comics Shows How to Deal With Everyday Struggles

Lunar Baboon is a web comic created by an artist residing in Toronto, Canada. His real name is Chris Grady. The artist mostly creates comics on how to deal with everyday struggles. He is an Instagram artist who has gained a massive following for his relatable and heartwarming comics. His work resonates with people around the world, based on topics such as parenthood, mental health, and relationships.


He was born and raised in Canada. Then he began drawing at a young age, inspired by comic books and cartoons. He has made a name for himself in the art world due to his unique style and honest storytelling. He has a huge following of 620,000 loyal followers on his Instagram account. If you want to enjoy some of his best comics, you have to scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Lunar Baboon

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#1. What are you doing?


#2. Used


#3. Forever

#4. Friend


#5. Deal

#6. Human


Grady is a father of three, and his experiences in this position regularly act as inspiration for his works of art. His fatherhood-related comics tend to be touching and real, perfectly capturing the sacrifice and love that come with becoming a dad. But he didn’t begin to treat his art seriously until after he became a father. Grady started creating comics to record his experiences as a dad, and soon his creations were being shared online.

#7. Biscuits

#8. Alone


#9. Never

#10. Moving


#11. Reminder

#12. Spend


#13. Witch

#14. Messy


#15. Overwhelmed

Usually in black and white, his comics have little shading and a few primary lines. This simplicity, however, reveals the depth of feeling and importance of his writing. Every comic depicts a little moment in time, highlighting both the pleasures and challenges of daily living. Lunar Baboon’s comics have provided pleasure to a great number of his fans, who feel accepted and understood in their own parenting challenges. By clicking here and here, you can read some of his earlier posts on our website.

#16. Waiting


#17. Snuggle

#18. Shadow


#19. Going To Teach

#20. SIP


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