3 Interesting And Thought Provoking Stories Of The Week By Lunrbaboon, A Famous  Comic Artist

Lunarbaboon talks about parenting from the point of view of a dad, husband, and chaos survivor in his 30s. Lunarbaboon has to figure out family and social life with the help of his smart, laid-back mom, his wild-child brother Moishe, his baby sister Matilda, and their cat, who used to go to Julliard. From funny (fighting closet monsters with a “stun” blaster that gives surprising facts about bears, Mars, and cats) to sweet (coming out of depression when a loved one touches you), this collection looks at the bonds within a family and all the characters who bring both order and chaos to life.

Lunarbaboon’s comics have a wide range and a unique voice that is both funny and honest, thanks to the way he mixes grumpy humor with moments of brutal honesty.

Here are three outstanding comic stories by Lunrnaboon:

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