20 Lolnein Comics About Random Situations That Will Make You Laugh

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Lolnein Comics, We laugh at comics about random situations because they play on a powerful combination of humor triggers, such as surprise, absurdity, and our own relatable experiences, which makes us laugh out loud. Because they appeal to a common sense of humor, these comics frequently go viral. After a long day of work, the best way to relax is to share and laugh at these absurd situations.


For this reason, we present to you another artist whose good name is Vincent, the man behind the webcomic Lolnein. He was always good at making people laugh, and he used to doodle a lot during class when he was in school. He therefore decided to merge these two activities by launching a webcomic back in 2013. The artist has 39,000 Instagram followers. Scroll down to enjoy his best comics.

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#1. Conversation

Lolnein Comics

#2. Really Hot

Lolnein Comics

#3. More Productive

Lolnein Comics

#4. Happy Earth Day

image 53

#5. Taste Horrible

Lolnein Comics

#6. Slut

image 55

He also likes to experiment and think of unique concepts for humorous entertainment. Because of this, his comics are not just your typical comics; they’re also kind of funny. These comics frequently take great pleasure in the absurd, showcasing circumstances that are so bizarre and unclear that they end up being humorous. It can all be so silly that it makes us laugh out loud at how ridiculous the situation is.

#7. My Turn

Lolnein Comics

#8. Funny

image 57

#9. Back Rub

Lolnein Comics

#10. Opinion

image 59

#11. Sunny

Lolnein Comics

#12. Rude

image 50

#13. Taste Better

image 49

#14. Loose Weight

image 48

#15. AirPods

Lolnein Comics

#16. Breakup

image 46

These comics sometimes resonate deeply because they amplify the small annoyances and frustrations we face daily. These comics show us that we’re not alone in our challenges and that finding humor in them may be a fantastic way to relieve tension. They tackle a variety of topics, such as overcoming social shyness, dealing with technology malfunctions, or just the ridiculousness of everyday routines.

#17. Relatable

image 45

#18. Toilet Paper

Lolnein Comics

#19. Vacations

image 43

#20. Walls

image 42

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