20 Litter Box Comics Beautifully Sums Up The Life of a Family of Cats

Litterbox Comics is an enjoyable web comic created by artist Chesca Hause […]

Litterbox Comics is an enjoyable web comic created by artist Chesca Hause that follows the lives of a strange cat family. The comic focuses on their day-to-day behaviors, which frequently highlight the ridiculousness of cat ownership, especially the pleasures and difficulties of using a cat litter bowl. The comics are based on my family, and all the characters are animals. According to the artist, she hates drawing people.

The lives of a family of cats are followed in this comic book series. The artist claims in her bio that she finds parenting strange and that she prefers to sketch cats over people since she believes that all people are animals. Fran and Joel Foster, together with their two naughty kitten boys, are the main characters in her comic. Cooper is the younger, and Vincent is the older.

She is an illustrator as well as the mother of two kids. She writes realistic tales of parenthood. Adorability and softness are her comics’ key themes. As of now, she has 432,000 Instagram followers. She adds humor to the comics that parents can relate to because she is a parent. Below is a selection of her adorable and creative drawings. These are her personal experience-based comics, which you may view by scrolling below. 

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#1. Helping

#2. Fear of thunder storm

#3. Try It On


#4. No Good Deed

#5. Toy Review

#6. Let him be a kid


Her comics feature animal characters, like cats, as the primary characters. She also explores common themes like pet ownership, parenthood, and everyday life. Sometimes sensitive and clever humor go hand in hand with humor and self-importance. Generally speaking, she makes us laugh by exploring everyday life with a lighthearted twist. Her comics are based on wholesome moments, which makes them engaging and appealing.

#7. Can’t Imagine

#8. Time Out

#9. This weekend


#10. Left Out

Although the artist claims to like her work, creating comics can be extremely challenging at times. It is difficult to find anything hilarious when she’s depressed, furious, or simply exhausted. But she always tries her best to provide content for people on a regular basis. So, you must support this artist in return by sharing his content as much as possible.

#11. Donut Burger

#12. Great Advice


#13. Funnel

#14. Move

#15. Poopy


#16. Positive Parenting

They show a great deal of affection and support for one another. She does a fantastic job capturing the feelings as well as the features of her characters. Her comics beautifully capture the everlasting bond between parents and children. To see her comics, click HereHere, And Here. If you’re a parent, a cat lover, or just someone who likes to laugh, these links will take you there.

#17. New Tupper Ware

#18. Happy Mother’s Day


#19. Diet Hack

#20. Kids

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