20 LICD Comics Known for Dark Humor and Satirical Take on Relationships

Laughing naturally reduces stress. Our bodies release hormones when we laugh, which […]

Laughing naturally reduces stress. Our bodies release hormones when we laugh, which lift our spirits and reduce stress. It also offers health advantages. It lifts the spirits and offers a little reprieve from the difficulties of everyday life. People who find humor in life tend to have a more positive outlook. For laughter, reading comics is the best way.

That’s why we bring you another good collection of comics. One webcomic that excels at crafting this form of art is LICD Comics, an expert in the realm of humor. He always creates comics to make his fans laugh. That’s why he is able to reach an audience of 12,000 Instagram followers. Let’s take a look at some of the best illustrations to make your day better. You can also see his previous posts on our website by clicking here.

Credit: LICD Comics

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#1. Business Class

#2. Reminder

#3. Beautiful Place


#4. Need to stop

#5. Zombies

#6. Discipline


Least I Could Do Comics, or LICD Comics, has perfected this craft. This webcomic, which was created by Ryan Sohmer and illustrated by Lar DeSouza, has won the hearts of readers everywhere. It’s a comedy comic that chronicles the life of a young woman named Rayne Summers. A well-known source of quirky humor and a willingness to tackle controversial subjects is LICD Comics. The comic frequently looks at gender and relationships.

#7. Getting Older

#8. Door Bell

#9. Let me clear


#10. An elegant affair

#11. That’s Fine

#12. Party


The humor webcomic, which made its debut on February 10, 2003, focuses on the misadventures of a group of geek friends. LICD is mostly a gag-based comic strip that has received multiple award nominations, including the Schuster and Harvey Awards. The comic can be viewed at www.Leasticoulddo.com, the official website. Hopefully, you people like his comics. Have a great day.

#13. Spare Parts

#14. Self Awareness

#15. Interrupted


#16. Much Better

#17. Feeling Better

#18. No Background


#19. Interesting Idea

#20. Nourishment

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