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Laughter is a natural stress reliever. When we laugh, our body releases endorphins, which help reduce stress and improve our mood. It has physical benefits too. It can boost the immune system, reduce pain, and even lower blood pressure. In difficult times, humor can be a ray of sunshine. It lightens the mood, providing a momentary escape from life’s challenges. People who find humor in life tend to have a more positive outlook. They’re better at coping with adversity and tend to be happier.

It serves as a source of light in our darkest hours, a bridge that connects us through laughter, and a reminder that, even in the most trying times, there’s room for joy and mirth. One webcomic that excels at crafting this form of art is LICD Comics, an expert in the realm of humor. Let’s take a look at some of the best illustrations to make your day better.

Credit: LICD Comics

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#1. It’s weird

#2. Balance sheets

#3. Gaming

#4. Pretty gross

The essence of humor is a simple one: it’s about finding delight in the unexpected, the relatable, and the absurd. LICD Comics, short for “Least I Could Do,” has honed this craft to perfection. Created by Ryan Sohmer and illustrated by Lar DeSouza, this webcomic has earned its place in the hearts of readers around the world. It is a humor comic that follows the life of Rayne Summers, a promiscuous young woman. LICD Comics is known for its raunchy humor and its willingness to tackle controversial topics. The comic often explores themes of sexuality, gender, and relationships.

#5. Mission accomplished

#6. Donuts

#7. Secret ingredient

#8. Order

#9. Good morning

#10. Fix the world

The comic debuted on February 10, 2003, and is a humor webcomic that mainly focuses on the misadventures of a group of longtime 20-something geek friends living in the city. LICD is mainly a gag-based comic strip, and it has been nominated for several awards, including the Harvey Awards and the Schuster Awards. The comic can be read on the official website, He has also been adapted into a cartoon pilot, which can be found on Vimeo. Currently, he has an audience of 9,228 followers.

#11. Can’t protect me

#12. Perhaps

#13. TV is broken

#14. Appointments

#15. Dumb week

#16. Master Bruce

But what makes LICD Comics an expert in the art of humor? The answer lies in its ability to unveil the humor that resides in the tapestry of everyday life. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of relationships, reveling in the joys of gaming and pop culture, or simply laughing at the quirks that define us as humans, LICD Comics has a knack for finding hilarity in the seemingly ordinary. The creators behind LICD Comics are true aficionados of laughter. They recognize that humor isn’t just about the punchline; it’s about the journey leading up to it.

#17. Black Pudding

#18. What do you mean?

#19. Cook the food

#20. Exhausting

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