20 Libearty Comics Based on Relatable Situations That Happen in Family Life

Libearty Comics is a web comic series that has captured the attention of many on social media through its humorous and relatable comics. The creator of this comic series began creating comics in 2016 while she and her boyfriend Adam were living in a small flat with their baby Gabe. Since she was twelve years old and began drawing stories on the bus ride home from school, the artist has always wanted to create comics.


The one thing he was good at and proud of was drawing. She was scared that she wouldn’t have the time or want to sketch after her son was born, but she has been such a positive influence in her life. Her journey to this point began when she began working in retail after graduating from college and steadily published her drawings online. Now, she has 30,800 Instagram followers. You can check out some of her comics in the following section.

Credit: Libearty Comics

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#1. Happy Transgender Day


#2. Hardcore Gamer


#3. Happy Valentine’s Day

#4. Just Ignore Them


#5. Do not dot it

#6. Santa


She makes comics on a lot of different topics, but they almost all include her family in some way. She typically deals with human-like emotions as well as faces challenges in daily life. Libearty Comics addresses difficult subjects with a touch of heart and comedy, covering everything from relationship issues to mental health concerns.

#7. Christmas Cards

#8. Birthday


#9. Draw

#10. Pizza is the fastest way to anyone’s heart


#11. So Cute

#12. Coming Out


#13. Dog

#14. Anniversary


#15. Nervous

Libearty Comics stands out from other comic strip writers because of its use of color. While many artists use black-and-white or simple color schemes, Libearty Comics uses a variety of colors and shading to make her comics attractive. We hope you can relate to her comics. If you want to enjoy her comics more, then you can do so by simply clicking Here And Here.

#16. So much fun


#17. Pets

#18. Look


#19. Spring

#20. Missed


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