Here are 20 Amusing Comics about Relatable Situation by “Libearty Comics”

Libearty Comics is a webcomic series that has taken the social media platform by storm with their quirky and relatable comics. The artist behind the account, who remains anonymous, has amassed a following of over 32,800 fans on the platform. With their unique blend of humor, honesty, and creativity, it’s no surprise that Libearty Comics has become one of the most popular Instagram artists of recent years. He is a non-binary comic artist who is living with his partner Adam and their son Gabe in a small apartment.

Known for their unique style and relatable content, Libearty Comics has become a fan favorite in the world of webcomics. Their artwork primarily features anthropomorphic animals with human-like emotions, often dealing with the struggles of everyday life. From relationship troubles to mental health issues, Libearty Comics tackles tough topics with a touch of humor and heart. Their relatable content and unique style have helped them stand out in a crowded field, and their growing popularity shows no signs of slowing down. 

The use of color by Libearty Comics distinguishes them from other comics creators. Libearty Comics employs a broad variety of colors and shading to bring their characters to life, whereas many artists choose black and white or straightforward color schemes. The use of color is a key element in the careful crafting of each comic panel to communicate a variety of emotions. If you adore animals or are just a fan of excellent webcomics, Libearty Comics is an Instagram user you should follow. In the section after this, you can view his most current 20 illustrations.

Credit: Libearty Comics

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#1. The perfect chip!

#2. I can watch them

#3. Happy Valentines Day

#4. Discounted Valentines Day

#5. How will you be spending your valentines day

#6. You are not talking to me

#7. Reality

#8. A long year

#9. Has anyone seen Gabe?

#10. Layers

#11. Amazing things

#12. Challenges to a battle

#13. Kids vs Adults

#14. Motivation

#15. Can you elaborate?

#16. New Year Resolution

#17. New year, same jokes

#18. Don’t do it!

#19. Past year

#20. Merry Christmas!

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