20 Illustrations That Challenge Societal Norms Surrounding Femininity and Body Image




Illustrations have long been a powerful medium for challenging societal norms, and when it comes to addressing issues surrounding femininity and body image, artists have taken up the mantle with remarkable creativity and courage. These illustrations serve as poignant visual narratives that confront and question the limiting standards that society has imposed on women’s appearance and behavior. There are many artists who make comics on such topics to address these issues. From those artists, we bring you an artist named Lainey Molnar.

She is an artist, illustrator, and content creator based in Hungary. She has an Instagram account with the handle @lainey.molnar, which has over 1 million followers as of September 2023. The account features Molnar’s artwork, which includes illustrations and comics that challenge societal norms surrounding femininity, body image, and more. She has been involved in the fashion industry and women’s empowerment projects for quite some time. She uses art to shed light on the equitable representation of women in all facets of life.

Molnar has also faced harassment and hate in her blogging days, which led her to create a comic-style avatar as a representation of herself to help her process what she’s been going through as a woman. Her illustrations often incorporate elements of surrealism, symbolism, and fantasy to underscore their messages. By bending and distorting reality, she draws attention to the absurdity of rigid beauty standards and encourages viewers to question and resist them. Through the strokes of her pens and brushes, she sparks a visual revolution, one that dismantles outdated norms and paves the way for a more accepting and empowering future for women.

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Credit: Lainey Molnar

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#1. Different Pains

#2. Same Thing

#3. Eat More

#4. Nevermind

#5. Different Perspectives

#6. Lower your standards

#7. Taken Care of Your Own

#8. Not my Place to Judge

#9. Ideal Relationship

#10. Fall Asleep

#11. That’s Deep

#12. Gender Roles

#13. Generational Pattern

#14. Basic Human Right

#15. Trauma Cycle

#16. Relationships

#17. Motherhood

#18. Relationship with Yourself

#19. Safety Items

#20. Feminists

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