Lainey Molnar Shows the Realities About Women Living in a Society (20 Comics)

Women’s experiences in society vary from one girl to another. But they mostly face similar issues while living in a society, such as societal expectations about how women should look, behave, and fulfill roles, which can be limiting. From career choices to clothing styles, women can feel pressured. Fear of violence can restrict women’s freedom of movement and limit their opportunities. Although it is a global issue, female artist Lainey Molnar took a stand to show it all over the world.

Lainey Molnar is an artist who addresses issues related to gender equality, feminist thought, and body image. She is a Hungarian artist, illustrator, and content developer. Her primary area of interest is the stress that women experience to meet beauty standards. Her illustrations are usually easy to understand, with a few basic elements that perfectly convey the emotions and observations of the women.

As the artist is also female, she also faced these types of issues. Then, she starts thinking about how life would look if it shared with women all over the world. But she did not expect the type of response she would get from the people. After that, she started creating comics and posting them on her Instagram account. People like her comics so much that she now has 1 million followers from all over the world.

Credit: Lainey Molnar

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Here are some of her best illustrations for women’s empowerment:

#1. Self Care

#2. Natural Summer Things

#3. Natural State of Skin


#4. Better Body

#5. Woman’s Self Respect

She is a thirty-two-year-old single lady who has chosen not to have children. She is therefore conscious of the abuse aimed at women who reject social norms. With a humorous portrayal of herself, Molnar regularly addresses subjects in her artwork, such as the pressure of constantly attempting to achieve the ideal beach body and what a successful woman looks like. The main objective of her comics is to raise public awareness of these issues.

#6. Great Mom


#7. Two ways to get dressed

#8. Relationship

#9. Girls can relate


The artist believes that growing up is about much more than just getting married. When someone is in control of how they look physically, they can dress nicely without experiencing any nervousness. The totally unachievable beauty standards need to be thrown out as well. Women need to be free to pursue their own pleasures without social pressure to do otherwise.

#10. No Make Up Looks

#11. Responsible Grown Up


#12. Wedding

#13. Periods

#14. Actual Wanting


#15. Teenagers

If you are also a woman and feel such issues while living in a society, you can definitely relate to this blog. We are sure you even want to read more of her comics, so we have to make it simple for you. You just need one click to visit her previous articles on Bored Comics. For this, simply tap here, Here, And Here.

#16. Friendship

#17. Positive


#18. Job

#19. Loves her Body

#20. Self Care


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